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Want to see the geolocation for IP addresses plotted on the map?
Just use either ways below to see a map with all the geolocation marked. This is a great way to visualize your visitor's locations, especially for marketing purposes. Each submission will get its own URL which you can share to other interested parties.

Enter your IP addresses

You can enter up to 500,000 unique IP addresses, one IP per row, into the box below to generate the IP map. Required at least 10 IP addresses. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

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Or upload your file

You can also upload your server log file, such as Apache or Nginx log, or CSV (.csv) or any text (.txt) file for the ip map generation. The IP address will be automatically identified and extracted for the processing. You just need to select the file and upload it below. Take note that your file will need to have at least 10 unique IP addresses, and your file can only contains up to 500,000 unique IP addresses.

Enter a short description:

Click or Drop file here to upload. (The upload file must be either plain text or log files containing IP addresses.)